Friday, July 26, 2013

Master the Art of Wearing Sunglasses

Anyone can wear sunglasses, but very few people KNOW how to wear them. I am a firm believer when I say wearing sunglasses is an art. Think about it, how many people have you seen in sunglasses that just don't suit them- not because they are ugly, but because it's not the right frame for their face. I'm guilty of wearing sunglasses that I know I shouldn't, but I just loved them so much! I have not mastered this particular art yet, but I promise I'm trying!!

I've learned that particular sunglasses complement certain face shapes. To help myself and others master the art of wearing sunglasses, I've made a simple list of what I believe are the best sunglasses for each face shape.

ROUND FACES look here..
Angular shaped sunglasses work best for people with round
faces. This shape of sunglasses will make your face appear longer and thinner, which will make you look even more amazing. **MILA KUNIS is a celebrity with a round shaped face**
Here is an example of angular shaped sunglasses:

SQAURE FACES over here...
People with square faces have strong and distinct features. The key is to soften the face with round frames. **PARIS HILTON is a celebrity with a Square shaped face** (the sunglasses on the left are Betti Sunglasses).

HEART FACES check it out...

Aviator sunglasses are perfect for this shape of face. Aviators add width to the lower part of the face because of the round edges of the sunglasses. Ray Ban has a wide selection of Aviators. **REESE WITHERSPOON is a celebrity with this shaped face** 

LONG & OVAL FACES this is for you...
Long and Oval shaped faces are lucky. Oversized sunglasses and just about any sunglasses frame will look fabulous on you. **JESSICA LOWNDES is a celebrity with this shaped face**

This blog is not meant to offend anyone.  Any face shape can wear which ever type of sunglasses they please. However, my blog is just meant to be a guideline for those looking to find sunglasses that best suit their face. Always remember, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and stay beautiful xx 

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