Monday, July 29, 2013

Once You Go Matte, You Don't Go Back

Lipstick is like magic, just apply some and you look like a new person. I am a huge lipstick fanatic, I just have to wear it at all times. I have variety of lipstick colors and brands. However, my favorite type of lipstick at the moment is MATTE. I just adore matte lipstick- mainly because I can wear it for hours and not worry about re-applying after I drink or eat. If you are looking for long-lasting lipstick try matte!

Matte lipsticks make a bold statement, but depending on the type of matte lipstick it can make elegant, natural, and glamorous statements. Some Matte lipsticks are a bit dry when applying, but you can find some that are soft and creamy when applying. I've even found matte lipsticks that hydrate your lips! Nonetheless, each matte lipstick that I have used lasts for hours...hours....AND more hours!

Is matte lipstick for you? Sure it is! I went matte and I haven't looked back! So now you're convinced to get some of this magical lipstick. Perfect! I've made a list of my favorite matte lipsticks. Click on the links to view the lipstick and the site where you can purchase it. The lipsticks are in random order.


Hope you enjoyed!! xx


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