Monday, July 29, 2013

Once You Go Matte, You Don't Go Back

Lipstick is like magic, just apply some and you look like a new person. I am a huge lipstick fanatic, I just have to wear it at all times. I have variety of lipstick colors and brands. However, my favorite type of lipstick at the moment is MATTE. I just adore matte lipstick- mainly because I can wear it for hours and not worry about re-applying after I drink or eat. If you are looking for long-lasting lipstick try matte!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Master the Art of Wearing Sunglasses

Anyone can wear sunglasses, but very few people KNOW how to wear them. I am a firm believer when I say wearing sunglasses is an art. Think about it, how many people have you seen in sunglasses that just don't suit them- not because they are ugly, but because it's not the right frame for their face. I'm guilty of wearing sunglasses that I know I shouldn't, but I just loved them so much! I have not mastered this particular art yet, but I promise I'm trying!!

I've learned that particular sunglasses complement certain face shapes. To help myself and others master the art of wearing sunglasses, I've made a simple list of what I believe are the best sunglasses for each face shape.

ROUND FACES look here..
Angular shaped sunglasses work best for people with round

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cracking The Beauty Code: Things You Didn't Know

I know I'm not alone when I think to myself, "There have to be some beauty tricks and tips out there that I don't know of that would make my life easier." We all want the inside scoop on makeup and beauty secrets that we don't know about. Maybe then we can all look like celebrities right? Mhmm..maybe we can look even better! With these inside tips I can assure you that you will look as beautiful as ever this summer and beyond!

Check out these tips and be on your way to getting beautified to the max! 

Put what, where?!
Let's begin with eyeliner since I am obsessed with it! Does your eyeliner break or crumble when you put it on? If so, fear no more because I've got a tip for you! This might sound weird, but I PROMISE it works. Put your eyeliner in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes before you want to apply it. When you take it out, it will be your most flawless application ever.

Toothpaste is for your teeth
Now, this tip I got from my mother. After all

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to wear ALL White just Right!

"You can't wear white after Labor Day!"Well, it's not Labor Day yet, and a lot of Fashionista's are bringing out the white. You can't go wrong pairing some form of white into your summer ensemble. Also, I've always thought that white brings some type of class and elegance to any casual outfit.. ooh-la-la!

If you don't have any white outfits in your wardrobe at the moment, after you read this blog and see the pictures below, you definitely will go out and GET some! The good thing about white is that ANYONE can pull it off, it is simple and fast to put together. Another plus is that you can find plain white tops, bottoms, and accessories almost anywhere for affordable prices.

But, but, but....ll white is NOT for me. Well, maybe you don't like all white, or you don't want to wear all white. No worries, you can spice up your all white outfit with a simple colored purse or pair of heels, AND a bright lipstick. BAM! There you go ;)

I've chosen some cute white outfit inspirations that I think will look great for all you fashion-lovers this summer! Enjoy :)

P.S. I'll attach some links under the outfits of where you can get a similar look for a great price!

White Blouse $23.99
White Shorts $17.80
Clutch $13.58
Colored Heels of your choice Zara $39.99 Zara $39.99 Zara $29.99

Absolutely LOVE this look! 
Sun Hat $20 at Debenhams
White Blouse $23.95
White Pants $45 at yoox

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Sunday, July 21, 2013