Thursday, August 29, 2013

Greatest looks from the 2013 VMAs

Hi everyone, I know I haven't been updating my blog much, but I have been extremely busy as school is approaching. I know everyone is excited to go back to school- NOT! However, I did find time to watch the VMAs- and if you're anything like me, you watched it for the fashion! There were many outfits that I thought were well put together, some that I disliked, and some that I ADORED.

Keep reading to see which outfit I disliked the most, and which one was my favorite from the VMA's. I even including a cute outfit inspiration from my FAVORITE look! Enjoy :)

One outfit that stood out the most was..........
MILEY CYRUS'S crazy outfit. Come on, what type of look was she going for? I understand that she wants to be "rebellious" and prove that she no longer wants to identify with Hannah Montana or the "little girl from the Disney Channel", but where should the line be drawn. This outfit is a mess from head-to-toe. On the bright-side, I do believe that the crop top would go well with a plain bottom, like a medium length pencil skirt or plain black pants. Same goes for the bottoms. I think a plain top would go well with that as well. As for the hair...... it needs IMMEDIATE care. I do like Miley's style most of the time, but this look just didn't work for her.

My favorite look was from Shailene Woodley.
All I can say about this is WOW. Pure perfection. She made a great fashion statement without being too loud. Sexy, simple, and elegant- a great combination. This look worked well with the sleek bun and plain makeup. With her killer body, the outfit looks just great. I loved this look so much that I came up with an outfit inspiration in honor of this fabulous look! 

Check it out beauties :)

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